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In Jisso Technology Roadmap Committee, we regard the Jisso technology that is one of the source of the competition predominance of our country with the advanced technology of the wide sense that we included from a design to a reliability guarantee, recycling, reuse. And we devise the technology road map which we assume the figure which there should be of the Japanese electronics industry ten years later, and contributes to maintenance and improvement of the competition superiority of the whole industry and do a proposal about necessary technical research and development. We carry out investigation such as electronic products, semiconductor packages, electronic components, printed wiring board, manufacturing equipment, environmental technologies, the Jisso business structure from a viewpoint of the management, the business model of the roadmap. The development of the road map is divided into five next working group and is active

Work Group 1 Market Research (JEITA)/ Market Analysis・Extraction of Problems(JEITA)
Work Group 3 Semiconductor Packages (JEITA)
Work Group 4 Electronic Components (JEITA)
Work Group 5 Printed Wiring Boards (JPCA)
Work Group 6 Manufacturing Equipment (JARA)


We published "Jisso Technology Roadmap 2017".


Jisso Technology Roadmap 2017
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